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How to install or replace the hard drive in a Gamut recorder

This guide will show you how to install or replace the hard drive in a recorder. Check the box which your recorder or hard drive came in, there should be a pack of four screws inside which will allow you to attach the hard drive to the recorder. You

Meaning of error codes in SADP

This article shows the meaning of the various error codes in SADP and goes into detail on some of the more common ones. Try re-installing SADP in a different location on the computer. There is an issue with the password reset file; restart the device

How to Open and Extract a .zip or .rar Folder on Windows

This guide will show you how to open and extract the files from a .zip or .rar folder using safe and free to use software. Make sure you have a computer that is connected to the internet, and a .zip or .rar file so that you can try out opening it up

How to find out your IP range or the default gateway of your router on a Windows or Mac computer

Windows Users. Click on the Start button and type 'CMD'. A program called Command Prompt will appear. Open this up, then a black box will appear. Type 'ipconfig'  then press enter. You will see some information about your home network appear, similar

Basics of a Home Network and CCTV Systems

Computers, tablets and smartphones: We all know what these are, and the important thing is that they can connect to your internet router. This means that they will also be able to connect to other devices on your home network or on the internet. So,

How To: Format Your 64GB or 128GB SD Card (Apple Mac)

64GB SD cards will allow you to record for the longest time possible. However using a 64GB card isn’t a case of just putting the card in like with smaller SD cards. 64GB cards require formatting to format called FAT32 before they will work in your re

How To: Format Your 64GB or 128GB SD Card (Windows PC)

This is done by connecting the SD card to your PC. We’ll go through the process in this guide. Double check your unit will support 64GB or 128GB, as the maximum for many cameras is 32GB. We recommend using Class 10 or above speed SD cards. We recomme

Changing the Ethernet Adapter Setting and IP address settings on a Windows or Mac computer

This guide will take you through changing the IP address for the ethernet port on a computer. This is necessary for setting up some CCTV cameras or Wi-Fi bridges which need to be configured to connect to a specific network (your internet router). Cli

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