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Setting Up Your Comfast Wireless BridgeUpdated 5 hours ago

Purpose of this Guide

In this article we will take you through how to configure your Comfast Wireless Bridge which can help you guarantee a reliable connection for a wireless CCTV system.

Before You Begin

First of all, remove all components from the packaging and lay them out in front of you.

There will be some small differences depending on the specific equipment you have but the basic idea of a bridge system is (starting from the camera):

  1. Camera sends data to the 'secondary site' Wi-Fi bridge (via the PoE injector)
  2. 'Secondary site' Wi-Fi bridge sends data to the 'Home' Wi-Fi bridge (via wireless connection)
  3. 'Home' Wi-Fi bridge sends data to the internet router (via the PoE injector)
  4. Internet router sends data to computers/phones/tablets via local connection or internet

Wire Up the Bridge

Take the first panel and run an Ethernet lead from the WAN port to the POE port on the power supply, then take a cable from the LAN port directly to your computer.

Now take the second panel and run a cable from the WAN port to the POE port on the power supply.

Click this link to find out how to configure the settings on your Windows computer.

Make sure on both panels that you have the slider switch in the “on” position. Once done you can follow the remaining steps.

If your internet provider is BT you will want to use the below settings:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password for the camera is admin

For TalkTalk you will want to use these settings:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password for the camera is admin

For Virgin Media or Sky, it will be these settings:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password will be admin

Configuring Your Comfast Bridge

Open a web browser and type into the address bar.

Once the login page has opened up type in admin as the password.

We will then want to go through the process of setting this bridge up as an Access Point(AP) to do this click on Wizard on the left panel and select AP.

Set the IP address to match the same range as your ISP, so for BT you would put something like as the first 3 parts need to match and the last part of the IP needs to be distinct., then click on Next.

On the next page you can set the SSID if you would like, you will want to set a password for it, in the example below I have just used a generic one for the purpose of this guide, you will also want to make sure the country is set to Europe as by default it will show China, which if not changed can cause issues further down the line.

Then click finish. Once this is done you can unplug the network cable from the bridge to the laptop, however make sure to leave the unit powered.

Plug the network cable from your laptop into the 2nd wifi unit and log into it in the same way by putting into the address bar.

On this unit you will want to go once again into the Wizard and then select Bridge-Client Site, if you want the bridge to also output a wifi signal to connect to you can set it to secondary site and there will be a few extra options to set.

We will continue the setup as if Client Site was selected, you will find that on the next page it will once again be asking for an IP Address, similar to the first one, in this case i would set to if setting up for BT, as that way you will know the units should end in 200/201.

It will also ask for a Gateway, which should be your wifi routers IP address.

Now press the next button and then click the button that says Scan. This will show a list of nearby WiFi networks, find the SSID of your Access Point, in the case of my demo unit i left it with he Comfast name, which can be seen in the below picture, once you have found the Wifi name you are looking for please click the Operate Icon to the right of it.

Once you have selected the wifi and clicked the operate button it will lock in the details for you as below, however you will need to input the password that you set on the wifi when setting up the Access Point.

Press on the finish button which you will get a progress bar show up. Once done you can take the lead out of the laptop and plug it into your router. 

Type the IP address which you set the bridge to into your address bar to bring up the login page again. Once logged in you will see a graph which shows the connection between the two bridges.

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