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Hikvision IVMS-4200 - Stream is EncryptedUpdated a month ago

What is the stream key?

This is also known as the verification code, which is an extra layer of security to prevent malicious actors from remotely adding and viewing your cameras using the QR code/serial number of the device.

This guide relates to Hikvision cameras running iVMS-4200 software. 

Where is the stream key?

If you get this error message, you first need to find out what your verification code.

On the recorder GUI

Go to Menu > Configuration > Network > Platform Access; you will see the verification code there.

Web browser

Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Platform access; you will see the verification code there.

Where to enter the stream key/verification code

On iVMS4200

  • In the main IVMS-4200 control panel click on Device Management.
  • Click on Group tab.
  • Select camera in question and click Modify
  • Enter Stream Key in the Modify Camera pop-up.

Web browser

Go to Configuration > Local and enter the verification code into the box called 'Encryption Key':

How do I turn it off?

If you'd prefer not to have this enabled this must be done using the recorder interface with a TV/monitor and a mouse.

Go to Menu > Configuration > Network > Advanced > Platform Access and make sure that 'Enable Stream Encryption' is not ticked.

Need more help?

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