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Connecting an IPAUDIO in-line microphone to a Hikvision cameraUpdated a year ago

Purpose of the guide

This guide will show you how to connect one of our premade IPAUDIO microphones to a Hikvision camera, if it has the right inputs. This guide only applies to IP cameras, if you have an analogue camera you will need to use the IDAUDIO instead.

Before you begin

You will need an IPAUDIO, like the picture below:

Can I connect this mic to my camera?

You will need a Hikvision camera with a mic input that looks like the picture below, where it says 'AUDIO' at the top, then underneath, from left to right, 'IN, GND, OUT':

Your camera should be powered using a 12V power supply with a 2.1mm jack, like the picture below. This is necessary because the mic receives power by connecting directly to the power supply, then provides power to the camera using its output jack. If your camera doesn't take this kind of power input, then you can ignore the output jack on the camera, but the mic will still need its own independent power supply.

Connecting it to the camera

If your camera has a bare-wire adaptor on the green connector block, remove it like the below picture:


Now connect the microphone to the camera and power supply like the below picture. Your camera may have several different green connector blocks on it, so make sure the microphone is connected to the one that says 'AUDIO' on it, and connect it to the pins marked 'IN' and GND':

Enabling audio on the camera and network video recorder

In the camera's web interface (accessed via iVMS4200 or Internet Explorer), go to Configuration > Video/Audio and set the video type to Video&Audio, and then go to Audio tab to set audio input to LineIn. 

You may also want to turn on Environmental Noise Filter, this is optional.

Now go to the Live View tab and enable the audio output by clicking the volume icon and turning it up.

If you plan to connect the camera to a network video recorder (NVR), do so now, and make sure the recorder is saving the footage from the camera. In the NVR settings (accessed via Internet Explorer or iVMS4200), go to Playback tab, enable the audio output by clicking the sound icon and adjust its volume:

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.


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