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Configuring Your Comfast Onmi with a Wireless BridgeUpdated a year ago

In this guide we will take you through how to configure your Comfast Onmi with a Wireless Bridge.


Before You Begin

First, remove all components from the packaging and lay them out in front of you.


Wire Up the Bridge

Take the first panel and run an Ethernet lead from the WAN port to the PoE port on the power supply, then take a cable from the LAN port directly to your computer.


Now take the second panel and run a cable from the WAN port to the PoE port on the power supply.



Make sure on both panels that you have the slider switch in the “on” position. If you are looking at the ports face on, with LAN to the left and WAN to the right, slide the switch to the left where it says 'ON'(this may be upside down and appear to say 'NO'). Once done you can follow the remaining steps.


You may need configure your ethernet adapter to be able to login into the bridges are these Onmi and bridges are on a weird network range.



Configuring Your Comfast Onmi 

Type in the IP address of your Comfast Omni into your web browser’s address bar then login using the password.


Once logged in, select Wizard from the menu on the left.

Then Select AP Mode.

Your page should now look like this:


If your internet provider is BT or TalkTalk set the IP address as

For Virgin Media or Sky, set the IP address as

Then click Next.

Once this is done, it will ask you to enter a password, this is the wireless password key for the Comfast bridge. For security purposes, set your own password here.

Set the Bandwidth to 80MHz, ‘Country’ to Europe and Channel to Auto.

Click Next and repeat as in the previous step. Make sure the password is the same.

On the next screen, click Finish and wait for the percentage bar to configure to 100% and that completes this part of the setup.


Configuring Comfast Bridge

Now you need to configure your Comfast bridge panel.

Open your web browser and type into the address bar.


Input admin as the password.

Now select Wizard from the left-hand side of the page and then click on Bridge > Station > Client Site.

We need to ensure that the bridge is not on the same IP address as the Omni because otherwise it will cause a conflict. So here we have set this bridge IP address as

Click Next, and then click on Scan and a list of networks will show like the page below. You will need to find the Onmi’s network from the list it with a name like: COMFAST_B4564_5G

If the SSID of the Omni doesn't appear in the list, go to Network > Wireless and change the country to 'Europe':

Input the password that you used on the Onmi earlier.

Then select the Operate button, this is linking both devices together. 

Click Finish and wait for the percentage bar to hit 100%, showing you have completed the setup process. 


Check that Everything is Working

Finally, log in to the bridge and double check they are pairing. Enter the IP addresses you assigned to each device into your web browser to check that they are linked up and working together.

The homepage of the admin area should look like this:

Make sure that everything is up-and-running. Check the Link Status is Linked, RSSI should be showing a negative figure of dBm and a Connection Speed should be displayed. If this is the case, then the setup process is completed.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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