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Viewing Your Gamut PTZ on a Mobile Phone or Tablet Using HiSeeUpdated 9 months ago

Purpose of The Guide

This guide will show you the process for connecting your Gamut PTZ to the HiSee app which will enable you to view and control your camera when you are away from the property.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that your camera is correctly connected to your internet network. If you are unsure follow this guide to get it connected.
  • Install the HiSee app on any phones or tablets you wish to view the camera on.
  • Make sure you have a Windows computer available that is on the same network as your camera.
  • Find the IP address of your camera. If you do not already know it then please refer to this guide in order to find it.

Let's Get Started

The first thing we need to do is log in to the camera on your computer. Open Internet Explorer, enter the IP address of the camera in to the address bar near the top and when prompted log in. On most cameras the username is "admin" and the password field is left blank. If you are prompted to install any software when you log in please allow it to install.

Please make sure that you are using Internet Explorer and not any other browser. The reason for this is that most CCTV systems require the use of software called Active X to be able to display your live video and that software is only supported by Internet Explorer.

Once you are logged in click Settings, then Manage Users. We are going to set a password on the camera for added security at this point. Click the Operation button highlighted in the image below.

On the next screen enter an old password of "admin" before filling in a new password of your choosing and clicking OK. Please make a note of this password as you will need it in future.

Next click on Network then P2P and make sure that the settings on the page match those shown in the image below.

There are a couple more steps we need to complete on the PC before we move on to the app. Open your start menu and search for Command Prompt. Open this and type in IPCONFIG and press enter. This will show you a range of details about your network. What we are looking for is the Default Gateway. The information you see will be along the lines of the following:

Switch back to Internet Explorer and go to the Network sub-menu on the main Network settings page. Enter the Default Gateway that you just found in both the Default Gateway and Primary DNS Server fields.

At this point we can move on to the phone or tablet. Open HiSee and click on Register. On the registration page fill in your email address then click the Get Verification Code button, this will email you a 6 digit code that you need to enter in the next box, before filling in a password and clicking Register.

Log in using the details you registered with above and you will be taken through to the Device List. Click the Add Device button, then Wired Device and then Scan QR. This will open your camera, use this to scan the QR code that you found by logging in on your computer in the steps above. On the next screen enter the password that you set on the camera earlier and click Add.

You should now be taken through to your cameras live view. At the bottom of the screen you will see 3 buttons, if you swipe from right to left you will see the following screen which will allow you to control the PTZ functions of the camera.

At this point if you wish to view the camera on any other phones or tablets you simply need to install HiSee on the new device and log in using the details you registered with earlier and you will be able to access your camera straight away.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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