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Setting up your (SPYGSMOK10) Covert Smoke Detector cameraUpdated a year ago

Purpose Of The Guide

By the end of this guide, you will have downloaded the software, set the device up, and be able to see the camera via your phone app.

Before You Begin

  • It's always important to test the camera and make sure everything is working correctly for you before mounting it in position.
  • Insert a micro SD card if you have one, you can follow this guide here where we show you how to fit one.
  • Connect your camera to power and flick the switch to the position you will see the red indicator light flash red twice.
  • Download the IOTLiving app from the Apple store or Google Play store.

Getting Started With Your Camera

With your camera powered on 

Turn on your Phone/Tablets WiFi and connect to the camera's network (It will be called Blink-XXXX) The password for this network is 0123456789.

Once connected load up the IOTLiving app and press the plus symbol and select "Manual Add". You can now either scan the QR code which is on the label inside the camera by pressing the QR symbol next to ID, or press the "Search camera from LAN". 

Select the camera from the list which shows up which will now take you back to the "Add Device" screen.

Now you can set a name that you find suitable, the ID and Password box will be filled in.

Tap the tick in the top right and set a new password on the camera.

Now you are back on the device list tap the gear in the bottom right-hand corner of the image for your camera.

Go into the "Network Information" option, select the WiFi network you wish to connect your camera to from the list, and input your WiFi password.

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