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Motion Detection Recording Isn’t WorkingUpdated 7 months ago

Please note: This article is only applicable to our wireless systems with a product code ending in ’02’. These are easy to identify as they have a single screw on antenna.

If you’ve set your system up to record on motion or PIR and you don’t seem to be getting any recordings, there are a couple of things you can try to get up and running correctly. The most common reason for motion recordings not recording is a faulty storage card. The easiest way to check this is to try a manual record.

First press the record button (●) and see if the system starts manually recording. If it doesn’t then try turning the unit off and back on again, and try pressing the record button (●) again. If it still doesn’t start recording your SD card or external HDD may need formatting. If it does start recording, then press the stop button () and continue troubleshooting below.

If the motion is slow, or the object or person moving is far from the camera, such that they appear very small in the image, then these could both be causes for missed recordings. 

You can try editing the sensitivity of the motion detection and see if this helps.

  1. To adjust the sensitivity first press the (MENU) button.
  2. Next Press the right arrow () to highlight ‘Record’ option, then click the (OK) button.
  3. Now press the down arrow () until ‘Motion Detection’ is highlighted, then click the (OK) button.
  4. Now press the up () or down () arrow until the camera you wish to edit is highlighted, and click the (OK) button.
  5. Ensure the option for Sensitivity is highlighted in orange, then edit it by pressing the left () or right () button until a higher sensitivity is selected.
  6. Press the (OK) button to confirm your selection.
  7. Now press the (MENU) button until you are back to viewing your cameras. 

You have successfully edited the sensitivity settings for this camera. Repeat the step for any other cameras you wish to edit.


When using your system to record in ‘PIR Recording’ mode, there are a couple of points to first take note of:

You should only enable ‘Motion Detection’ OR ‘PIR Recording’. Having both enabled can cause erratic behaviour, and unexpected or missed recordings.

The PIR sensor has a wider field of view than the camera, so heat sources just out of view of the camera can trigger recordings.

The PIR sensor has a range of up to 5 meters, so if you’re trying to record when someone moves further then 5 meters from the camera, you will have to use ‘Motion Detection’ recording instead of ‘PIR Recording’.

It is important to consider exhausts from boilers when positioning your cameras using ‘PIR Recording’, as the heat from these can also trigger the cameras to record.

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