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How to setup Recording Schedules and Access Playback Directly through a DVR/NVR Through a TVUpdated a year ago

Purpose of The Guide

This guide will show you how to setup Recording Schedules and access playbacks from your Gamut camera or recorder, direct using a mouse wired to the recorder and monitor/TV

Before You Begin

Make sure the date and time are correct on the recorder and then make sure you have formatted the HDD.

Let’s Get Started

  • Record Schedule - This menu allows you to specify when the NVR records video and defines the recording mode for each channel. 
  • The recording schedule lets you set up a schedule like, daily and hourly by normal (continuous) recording, motion recording, I/O alarm recording & PIR recording (if your NVR supports it). 
  • To set the recording mode, click first on the mode radio button (Normal, Motion, IO, PIR), then drag the cursor to mark the slots. 
  • The recording schedule is valid only for one channel. If you want to use the same recording schedule for other channels, use the Copy function. Click Apply to save your settings

  • Channel: Select the channel to set its recording parameters.
  • Normal: When the time slot is marked green, this indicates the channel performs normal recording for that time slot. Motion: When the time slot is marked yellow, this indicates the channel records only when a motion is detected during that time slot.
  • IO: When the time slot is marked red, this indicates the channel records only when the sensor is triggered during that time slot. No Record: A time slot marked black means that there is no recording scheduled for the time slot.

Playbacks Functions

Click the Search button in the Start Menu to enter the search section

1. Search Options: the system provides various search & playback methods: General, Events, Sub-periods, Smart & Pictures

2. Search Date: search by date to playback.

3. Search Type: the system provides different search types to narrow your search.

4. Channel Selection: choose the channels you want to search & play. 5. Video Playback Controls: to control the video playback.



Search & Play Video in General

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