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How to set your TVI 4 in 1 Hikvision camera to the correct output modeUpdated a year ago

This purpose of the guide is to show you how to put TVI 4 in 1 Hikvision camera working on different recorders or even a hikvision recorder.

Depending on what mode setting you recorder is set to, as you can be adding this camera to a different model/make recorder, they're are different settings you can change the camera to, TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS.

Just wire the camera to recorder, using a BNC cable and a power supply, normally the cameras live feeds should just come on.

If you have wired the camera to the recorder and the live feeds doesn't come on, you will just need to hold the button, on the end of the camera, you will need to twist the screw cap off to find the button, hold down for 5 secs , let go and keep repeating this till you see the live feeds of the camera.

Please take a look at this photo

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