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How To: Set Up The WLNVR From The BoxUpdated a year ago

Initially the NVR will require a screen/monitor with a HDMI input to get it set up, however once all the settings are in place you can happily disconnect it and repower it somewhere else with a wired network connection and it will be controllable via the app!

Repeat for any other cameras – each NVR will support up to 6 cameras.

Setting Up Using The Wizard 


In most cases it will be fine to leave the network settings on default

DCHP will allow your router to automatically assign the device it’s IP address

Changing these settings is for advance networking only

Date & Time:

Set current Date and Time along with any format preferences

Here you can also set daylight savings time


Here you can format the HDD and any SD cards inserted by selecting the small circle to the right of the memory device and then clicking format HDD.

This may take several moments


Here you can change the resolution to suit your monitor or screen or to lower the frame rate to save on disk space (this may lower image quality)

Mobile App:

Next you can add the device to the RXCamView App by opening the app, adding device and scanning the QR code.


Here you can quickly review your settings before clicking finish and saving.

Remember to check the box to save the wizards settings.

Need more help?

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