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How To: Set Up Email Notifications Via The WLNVR Unit.Updated a year ago

The device cannot directly send an email itself – you must give it permission to send from an account you have access to (this doesn’t have to be an email account you use all the time, you could set one up just for the recorder to use).

Once you have the email account set up, make note of the username and password.

Next, find out the SMTP addresses of the mail provider (in this example we will use Gmail, however the details will be different for different email providers. The easiest way to find out is to google it) and keep note of this.

Gmail SMTP server address:

Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587

Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465

On the main screen of the NVR, right click to bring up the menu along the bottom.

Click the menu icon in the bottom left to bring up the small pop up menu.

Hit set-up and then Network > Email.

Tick the Email box at the top

Change encryption to SSL

Enter the SSL port number in the box below (465 for Gmail)

Enter the SMTP server next ( for Gmail)

Next enter the username and password for the account you would like to send from

Enter the name you would like the email to be from in the Sender box (e.g. CCTV Motion Alerts)

Next you can enter up to 3 addresses to receive the email notification.

Using the Interval drop down box, you can set how often these alerts are sent with continued motion alerts.

Finally, you can click through to email schedule, where you can set it to only send alerts for motion at certain days/time but also set exceptions for it to not send an email, e.g. if you know someone will be home at that time.

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