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How To: Set Up Email Notifications On A Hikvision RecorderUpdated a year ago

Purpose: The system can be configured to send an Email notification to all designated users if an alarm event is detected, etc., an alarm or motion event is detected or the administrator password is changed. 

Before configuring the Email settings on your Hikvision camera or CCTV system, the NVR must be connected to a local area network (LAN)that maintains an SMTP mail server. The network must also be connected to either an intranet or the Internet depending on the location of the e-mail accounts to which you want to send notification.

Step:1. Enter the Network Settings interface. Menu >Configuration> Network

Step:2. Set the IPv4 Address, IPv4 Subnet Mask, IPv4 Gateway and the Preferred DNS Server in the Network Settings menu, as shown in Figure 1.1.

3. Click to apply save the settings.

4. Select the Email tab to enter the Email Settings interface.

5. Configure the following Email settings:

Enable Server Authentication (optional): Check the checkbox to enable the server authentication feature.

User Name: The user account of sender’s Email for SMTP server authentication

Password: The password of sender’s Email for SMTP server authentication.

SMTP Server: The SMTP Server IP address or host name (e.g.,

SMTP Port No: The SMTP port. The default TCP/IP port used for SMTP is 25.

Enable SSL (optional): Click the checkbox to enable SSL if required by the SMTP server.

Sender: The name of sender.

Sender’s Address: The Email address of sender.

Select Receivers: Select the receiver. Up to 3 receivers can be configured.

Receiver: The name of user to be notified.

Receiver’s Address: The Email address of user to be notified.

Enable Attached Pictures: Check the checkbox of Enable Attached Picture if you want tosend email with attached alarm images. The interval is the time of two adjacent alarm images.

You can also set SMTP port and enable SSL here.

Interval: The interval refers to the time between two actions of sending attached pictures

E-mail Test: Sends a test message to verify that the SMTP server can be reached.6. Click button to save the Email settings.7. You can click to test whether your Email settings work.

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