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How to pre-configure and add a Hikvision IP camera to a Gamut NVRUpdated 10 months ago

Purpose of the guide

This guide will show you how to configure your Hikvision camera using a Windows or Mac computer, so it can be used with a Gamut NVR.

Before you begin

You will need:
  • A computer running Windows or MacOS
  • An internet router
  • A Hikvision camera
  • A Gamut NVR of the model 4NVRGT1 or 8NVRGT1 connected to a TV or monitor
  • A power supply for the camera so it can be powered when connected to your internet router; almost all Hikvision cameras can be used with a 12V 1A power supply with a 2.1mm jack, but it may worth be checking the camera specifications if you are unsure
  • An Ethernet lead to connect the camera to the internet router
  • To know the default gateway of your internet router (follow this guide to find out, then make a note of it)
  • To install the Hikvision program called SADP Tool. Just download it from here if you use Windows, or from here if you use a Mac


Hikvision cameras are compatible with Gamut recorders and most third party systems, but they need to be configured first to be able to work. This is due to the different port settings and protocols which the cameras use. By default, Hikvision will use the proprietary HIKVISION protocol, but they also support use of the open source protocol ONVIF which is used with Gamut recorders and cameras.

Let’s get started

Connect the camera to the power supply, and then use the Ethernet cable to connect it to your internet router.

Whilst waiting for the camera to start up, open up SADP. Once the camera has booted up and you have found it in SADP (if it does not, try clicking the refresh button, checking the connections or restarting SADP), tick the box to the left of it so you can edit the settings. 

You will need to change the IP address of the camera to match your default gateway aside from the last three characters; so if you have a default gateway of, make sure the first three numbers of the cameras IP address are the same. 

In the below example we have a default gateway of so I have set the cameras IP address to The last number can be anything from 2-253, depending on whether any other devices on your network have the same address.

Next, change the port to '8000'.

Now make sure that the default gateway is the same as the one you noted down earlier, and change it if not.

Finally, enter your password and click Modify at the bottom to save your settings:

Once this has been done you can either leave the camera connected to the internet router, or plug it directly into the recorder. 

Now you need to access the recorder using your TV or monitor, and navigate to Setup > Channel > IP Channels,and click on the green + icon next to the channel you want to add the camera to:

Now click on the camera at the top of the screen, and the details will be automatically filled in below. Make sure to enter your password that was set on the camera as well:

You should now see the arrow under 'State' turn green:

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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