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How To Export Footage from Gamut Surveillance Client Software (Windows/MAC)Updated a year ago

Purpose of The Guide

This guide will show you how to download recordings from your Gamut camera or recorder, using a Windows or Mac computer.


Before You Begin

Your Gamut device will need to be turned on and connected to your internet router. You will need to use a TV to set up the recorder for the first time and follow the quick start guide to do so. After the initial setup, a TV or monitor is not necessary when accessing the recorder via a network connection.


If you are using a recorder and cameras, make sure that the cameras are connected and working.


If you are using a Wi-Fi bridge system with your camera, make sure that the bridges are turned on, wired correctly, and communicating before you begin.


Let’s Get Started

You will need to make sure you have added your camera or NVR/DVR to the surveillance client, if you have done this already then you do not need to follow the guide I have provided Here.


Once items have been added to Control panel, select remote playback.

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Once you selected remote playback, your page should look like this.

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Things you need to make sure of are that you have selected the default groups on which camera you are trying to filter back on the playbacks?

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Then select all files and make sure you have selected which date you want to filter the playbacks on.

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Then hit search -> then there should be a timeline that indicates what time, if not you can just press the play button, then your playbacks will start to play, when it playing back you will need to look for this icon. 


This is the download button.


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Once the button has been hit, you have a load of files you can download.


Then find the file you want to download, this shows the date and time or tick them all if you want all footage, then hit download, and files should start to download and when shown completed.

Then you just need to go into the saved directory, where the file path is saved to.


Here are your downloaded files.


To find out where your files are saved too, you will need to system -> systems configurations.

If your files are not playing, please download the VLC player and play the files through there.

VLC Player 

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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