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How To: Enable Motion Alarms On The WLNVR via the RXCamView AppUpdated a year ago

In the RXCamView App, press the person icon in top left corner to open menu.

- Select Remote Setting.

- Select your device.

- Go to Motion

Here you can choose with camera you would like to modify one by one.

- Choose how long you would like your NVR alarm to sound for.

- Choose how sensitive you would like the detection to be

- Enable email notifications.

Here you can also change which areas of the cameras view will trigger the alarm as well as distance setting.

When setting up the area for the motion detection any boxes highlighted in red is where the camera will look for motion and any grey/clear boxes will ignore motion detection which happens in the area.

If you are having problems I would recommend highlighting the entire grid red testing it and slowly removing areas you don't want to be covered.

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