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How To: Connect To Your Gamut Recorder on Your iOS DeviceUpdated a year ago

Now that the port forwarding has been configured correctly you can start setting it up on your Apple Mobile Device. If you still need to configure this then you can visit here to set this up.

The first step is downloading RXCamLinkPro onto your phone from the Apple App store.

Once the app has finished downloading you want to load it up so that you can configure it. If you are wanting to view the camera while you are away from home you will want either a DNS address that you have set up or your external app address which can be located at

  • Press on the device manager button.

  • Tap the plus to add a new device.

  • The Device Name can be labelled how you want as it is just a name, I have used CCTV.
  • Login Type, you want to have set as IP/Domain.
  • Address, this will want to be either your DNS address which could by [email protected] (for example) or your external IP address for remote access. If you only want to be able to view the DVR while on the same wifi network you can use the local IP address which can be found on the unit.
  • Client port can be left as the default of 9000.
  • Username is admin (all lower case).
  • By default, there is no password on the system so this can be left blank unless you have set one.
  • Press Save button to finalise the settings.

With all the settings input correctly it will automatically take you over to the live camera view for your system.

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