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How to Configure a 4G routerUpdated 10 months ago

The purpose of this guide is how to setup a 4G router.

Things you need to get this configured.

Please make sure the sim card installed into the 4G router and activated through service provider, as this can cause delays and issues with the setup.

Once this is installed, you need to make sure you wire an Ethernet cable from LAN of the 4G router and wire it directly into PC.

Then open your internet browser and in the address bar input the default IP address of the 4G Router

Default password is admin01, once you input the password, it will prompt you to set a new password, please make a note of new password you have inputted.

Once new password have been set, you will need to select network at the top then Mobile.

Then input the setting underneath.

Mode = NAT

APN = is what will be on spreadsheet your service provider has given you. If you are using an RUT950 then the generic APN of '' will probably work. The RUT240 seems to require the specific APN which will be provided by the supplier of the SIM card. For example, the APN for EE is 'everywhere'.

Authentication method = PAP

Username and password will be on the information provided with the SIM card.

Status > overview should now say connected, with the network available.

Need more help?

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