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How to add your Gamut recorder or camera to a mobile phone or tabletUpdated a year ago

Purpose of The Guide

This guide will show you how to add your Gamut camera or recorder to a phone.

Before You Begin

Your Gamut device will need to be turned on and connected to your internet router. If you have a recorder with a hard drive you will need to use a TV or Internet Explorer to set it up for the first time, follow the quick start guide to do so.

If you are using a recorder and cameras, make sure that the cameras are connected and working.

If you are using a Wi-Fi bridge system with your camera, make sure that the bridges are turned on, wired correctly and communicating before you begin.

You will need to download the app RXCamView onto your phone or tablet.



Let’s Get Started

Open up RXCamView on your device and tap on the head and shoulders icon to open the side menu.

Then tap on 'Device List'.

On the Device Manager page, tap on the '+' icon then tap on 'IPC/NVR/DVR'.

The app will request permission to use your camera, allow it to. It will open up your camera and you need to point the camera to the QR code on the label on your recorder or camera.

Once you have successfully scanned the QR code the app will prompt you to fill in some information. Leave the IP/Address and Media Port fields, the username is admin by default, and the password is blank by default.


Then the device will appear in the device list, it should say 'Connected'. If it says 'connect close' then check the password is correct and that nothing has been disconnected.

If you tap on the play icon underneath the device, you will be taken to the live view window. Just tap on the name of the device to begin live view.

To view recordings, just tap on the film reel icon at the bottom right below the live view screen:

For more information on the settings of the recorder, please refer to the quick start guide or the manual.

If you find that the device only works when you are connected to the same internet router as it, and not when accessing it via another Wi-Fi network or with 4G, take a look at this guide.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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