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How to access your Gamut camera or recorder using a Windows or Mac computerUpdated 3 months ago

Purpose of The Guide

This guide will show you how to access the live footage, recordings and settings of your Gamut camera or recorder, using a Windows or Mac computer.

Before You Begin

Your Gamut device will need to be turned on and connected to your internet router. You will need to use a TV to set up the recorder for the first time, follow the quick start guide to do so. After the initial setup, a TV or monitor is not necessary when accessing the recorder via a network connection.

If you are using a recorder and cameras, make sure that the cameras are connected and working.

If you are using a Wi-Fi bridge system with your camera, make sure that the bridges are turned on, wired correctly and communicating before you begin.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you have connected your recorder/camera to your internet router and turned it on, you will be able to view it using a program called Surveillance Client.

First you will need to download some software called Device Config Tool, which will allow you to find out the IP address of the camera/recorder and edit some of the settings.

Download it from here if you are using Windows, and here if you are using a Mac.

Once the software has been downloaded and installed, you will see a window like the screenshot below. Make a note of the camera/recorders IP address.

If the recorder/camera does not appear in the program, first ensure they are turned on and check the connections from the device to your internet router. If you are using a Wi-Fi bridge system, make sure that they are configured correctly (if they were not pre-configured) and are both turned on.

Surveillance Client

If you are using Windows you can download Surveillance Client from here.

If you are using a Mac, download it from here.

When you have downloaded and installed Surveillance Client you will be presented with a set-up wizard. Click Next, then Add Online Device. Your recorder/camera should appear in the list; select it then click Add Selected Device

Now choose a name for the recorder/camera. By default the username is admin and the password is blank. Now click 'Add'.

You will see the device appear in the left hand pane. Select it, click 'Import', then open the 'DefaultGroup' folder on the right side and you will see it has been added.

Click 'Next' then 'Finish' and you will be taken to the main menu. Now click on 'Main View'.

When you are taken to Main View, double click on DefaultGroup, then the name of your recorder (if you have one) and the cameras will be shown. In the screenshot I only have one camera connected, which is signified by the green play icon. Double click on the camera name to begin live view. If you want the camera to be in full screen, double click on the live feed.

To access recordings, go to back to the Control Panel and then click on Remote Playback. Open up DefaultGroup on the left side panel, then select the cameras which you would like to view recordings from and click the play button. You can select the date using the calendar on the bottom right.

To access the settings of the recorder/camera itself, go to the Control Panel, click on Group Device, then click on the spanner icon next to your recorder.

For more information on the settings of the recorder, please refer to the quick start guide or the manual.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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