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GTTV505PH changing the output mode without seeing OSD menuUpdated a year ago

Purpose of the guide

Sometimes an analogue camera will not be visible on a recorder or output device because the device cannot process the higher quality image, so you need to change it to the low quality but widely compatible mode called CVBS. Following these steps will change the output mode and then save the setting. There are four output modes, and only CVBS is compatible with ALL devices, so if the camera image is not visible after you follow these steps then repeat it once or twice more.

Before you begin

Connect the camera to the power supply and to a recorder or other output device, and connect that to a monitor or TV. Then connect your OSD controller to the RCA port on the camera:

The toggle stick on the OSD controller can be pressed inwards, as well as up, down, left or right.

Let’s get started

  1. Connect the OSD controller
  2. Press the stick in x1
  3. Press the stick down x4
  4. Press the stick in x1
  5. Press the stick down x7
  6. Press the stick in x1
  7. Press the stick right x1 (or if you can see part of the camera image, change the output mode to CVBS)
  8. Press the stick down x4
  9. Press the stick in x1

Need more help?

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